Happyness – Anvil b#tch

Happyness Anvil b#tch

Happyness – Anvil b#tch Lyrics

Artist: Happyness
Song: Anvil b#tch

Swim, skinny-fat red eyeball
Unravel the state you’re in
Pitiful rain
I’m bringing every moon to land

Back in time
Huff the ransom money
All else fails detained
Are the gondolas still on their way?

‘Cause I’m like a stranger the longer I stay
And split every rising number
I’m ready to see the DWM
Sparked in front of his own museum of going back in time

Well then I’ve been faithsick
You have been the floor
And forever lies the chain I weighеd before
I began to rеmember

All the X-rayed jealous bones
All over a one-man tandem crash
I couldn’t see the diet pills hatch for the trees or the water beginning, beginning to shake
So bow down some

You’re more like the worst that you’ve done
Empty as the clubhouse is with only you in it
Contracting f#ck venom
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Happyness Lyrics – Anvil b#tch

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Release Year: 2020

Happyness - 'Anvil Bitch' | Live from The Close Encounter Club