Gutslit – Scaphism

Gutslit Scaphism

Gutslit – Scaphism Lyrics

Artist: Gutslit
Song: Scaphism

Welcome prisoner
It’s time for us to begin this ordeal
You’re at my mercy now
But mercy you shall not receive

No use struggling, you have to know your fate is f#cking sealed
I hope you’re starving ’cause now you will do nothing but feed
Stripped completely
Wedged in between

Condemned to these boats I’ll hear you scream
I’ll only leave your head and limbs free
Cover them with milk and honey
Rotting in this shell you shall be

A long time to die
Let’s begin the feed
Let’s keep the honey flowing
Let your bowels leak

Let the milk run its course – sweet agony
In your mouth and nostrils
In your eyes and ears
Some more on your genitals

No orifice left free
Sets in as you’re
Putrefaction sets in as you’re rotting from within

Now we wait for the flies to greet
Crawl inside you to feast and breed
Exposed to the swamp you shall bleed
Your intestines are exploding

Let the maggots burrow deep and vigorously feed
Let them f#cking eat what they want – fulfill their needs
Left to die in the sun
Septic shock sets in

Down the swamp you go
You will die some more
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Gutslit Lyrics – Scaphism

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Release Year: 2017