Guappo – FRANK AZAR Lyrics

Artist: Guappo

Strong arm all in my city, Frank Azar
Why the f#ck he talking hella gangsta’ but he ain’t hard?
Driving to the paint, I’ma dunk it, I don’t play guard
Drift the whip around the f#cking corner, it’s a race car

He was talking hella sh#t up to me, like his face scarred
I don’t give a f#ck, catch up to him, grab his face guard
He don’t even go out f#cking side cause he stay scarred
Penitentiary, b#tch I was locked up in the state yard

Only using Aunt Jemima when I go and sip the cup
Purple haze all up on my blunt and this empty cup
Why the f#ck you say you gonna pull up with them blicks and stuff?
Sick in the head, I might pull up with a stick and a 〈.?.〉

I’ma leave him flopping on the ground just like he Marcus Smart
Shot him in the eyes and he can’t see, that’s the darkest part
Tryna fight but I’ma shoot him he ain’t the 〈.?.〉
Saw my homie overdose on pills, that’s the hardest part

I’m a rapper and poet, just like Marcus Clark
I was always good at fighting, f#ck martial arts
Seen so much sh#t, man I swear I got rotten heart
Cheated on her then I got mill’, that’s the honest part

How the f#ck you let me take your b#tch? You’re a grown man
Swear to god, she said “〈.?.〉, your dick was small, 〈.?.〉”
Playing after 3, b#tch you now I’m 〈.?.〉
He got blood up in his eyes, I told him “crawl forward”
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Guappo Lyrics – FRANK AZAR

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Release Year: 2023