Girl in the mirror – Rebellion

Girl in the mirror Rebellion

Girl in the mirror – Rebellion Lyrics

Artist: Girl in the mirror
Song: Rebellion

“Dance, dance, dance!”, the kingfisher tweets
A loony white stork’s cooking pop beats
A jazzy goat befriends a bunny
And the ambassador of France

“Party, party!” – a reindeer skating
On the frozen moat and training
The truth will soon flip out
Breaking the law of gravity

Lovely tunes and charming dance moves
Cellos laughing, howling sharp grooves
By four o’clock, the doors spring open
A mystic secret never spoken

Trumpets rebel against the silence
The grand piano plays a brisk dance
The castle springs to life
What an astonishing world!

The drawbridge descends
A tall cat appears
Summons the rebels
For sweet magic tea

When the night falls
Everyone’s home
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Girl in the mirror Lyrics – Rebellion

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Release Year: 2016