Gachiboy – Bari

Gachiboy Bari

Gachiboy – Bari Lyrics

Artist: Gachiboy
Song: Bari

Ridin’ round the city in some rari wings
I put some loving in her cup, that’s cousin Bari thing
My outfit cost me half a tick before the Barbie chain
I can’t tell which friend to f#ck cuz they both look the same

2012 I was drillin’ rockin’ Helmut Lang
Ran him outta town
We made him change his lane
You been balling out of bounds

Can’t get in the game
Your lil shawty made the rounds
She givin’ brain
My shooter Tavo’s in the window looking through the pane

When you cookin’ with the glass, you start to play the panes
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Gachiboy Lyrics – Bari

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Release Year: 2022