FrostyOfficial – Run

FrostyOfficial Run

FrostyOfficial – Run Lyrics

Artist: FrostyOfficial
Song: Run

There’s no escape (b#tch)
Breakin’ her bones like a vase (Yuh)
Sinkin’ my knife in her skin

Like she’s Sayaka
Blood flowin’ down from her face (Yuh, Yuh, Yuh)
I gotta wait for my escape
She won’t be cheating again

Only thing on her mind
When her eyes lock on mine
Is how she wish she was safe
Sharpen my blade

Test how it cut
Blood runnin’ down
But I don’t give a f#ck
She seems to think

That sorry’s enough
She seems to think
That I would give up
She is mistaken

Her body is wastеd
And chased in
The depths of my muf#ckin’ basеment
I cannot wait for the look in her eyes

I swear to God she’ll cry
And beg for her life
Rip rip
Kill kill

f#ck f#ck
Life (Yuh)
It is all worth it
To rip out my knife

And see the look of despair
Engraved in her eyes
Rip rip
Kill kill

f#ck f#ck
Life (Yuh)
Pop a few pills
And snort what I got

Thinking of death
I’m waitin for her to f#ckin’ rot
Balls off the wall
Took some coke with adderall

Imma make her f#ckin fall
Shoot her dead outside a mall
Grab the keys, press with ease
Punch the gas along the trees

Feel her blood begin to freeze
As she begs upon her knees
It’s a vision, gettin vivid
Watch my bloody hand get livid

GPS tracked her, persuaded
And I hope she’s barricaded
Got a mile left to go
See myself afflicting woe

Upon her entire damn family
But that don’t mean a thing to me
Find the address and I’m breaking in quick
The beauty in tempt is just making me sick

Open the gate I arrive in her home
Open the trunk got the gun and its chrome
Grab the blueprint and I look in that window
Taking the hammer my brain is in limbo

Heart pulpin rapidly hand in the air
With all of my might, I enter her lair
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FrostyOfficial Lyrics – Run

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Release Year: 2022