FrostyOfficial – Criminal, criminal

FrostyOfficial Criminal, criminal

FrostyOfficial – Criminal, criminal Lyrics

Artist: FrostyOfficial
Song: Criminal, criminal

Grabbing my phone
Grabbing my gun and my dome
I been lost in my mind this my home
Been constantly snorting to get in my zone

I been plannin to kill with this hell I will roam
Scope out the land for a couple of weeks
You draw out the blueprints and answer will speak
Sin in my brain I must f#ck her alive

Slit out her throat, lick blood from the knive
Gather supplies in an effort to reap
What is planned not suffice I will make em all weep
With the fathom imagined I’ll end in great infamy

Dying in glory is our devils great destiny
But what if plans all go awry
And youll have nothin in worth to die
In rebellion, hellion a f#cked civilian

A leap of faith for onе in trillion
If you survive you’ll rot in jail
f#cked and f#cked until ur frail
f#ck it I got no damn choicе

I’ll rip out her f#cking voice
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FrostyOfficial Lyrics – Criminal, criminal

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Release Year: 2023