Fly High Drew – Superheroes

Fly High Drew Superheroes

Fly High Drew – Superheroes Lyrics

Artist: Fly High Drew
Song: Superheroes

But I ain’t ever see nobody outta this room
Cuzzi caught twelve he coming back soon
Brodie kick rocks, told me he keeping it smooth
If I’ma keep shootin’, I’ma see what it do

I look at me, look at you
I told mama it’s cool
I’ma hit the block a couple time learn the moves
The jungle right at our shoes

I’m taking steps to a man
If I don’t call back, don’t start to think that I’m lost
Or trapped inside the can
Cause real n#gg#s don’t lose

Black man can’t lose
We superheroes at most
I saw my papa the hulk
I use to wish he was gone

But now that I’m getting grown
I’m taking back all the stones
I leave a couple alone
I know when I’ll bе alone

Facing all these dеmons
I won’t lose hope but, keep on
Keep on dreaming, keep strong
Cause I’ma super, human

Super dreaming, suit up
Shoot up, new rush
True love, no rush
Just keep on schemin’

Keep on dream on (uh, I know you’ve got your reason)
Keep on dream on (uh, but you just gotta believe it)
Keep on dream on
Keep on dream on

Keep on dream on
Keep on dream on
Keep on dream on
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Fly High Drew Lyrics – Superheroes

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Release Year: 2022