Fly – Elevation

Fly Elevation

Fly – Elevation Lyrics

Artist: Fly
Song: Elevation

Past relationships been hitting like a bomb lately
All this time i felt like i was wrong but y’all played me
Only two girls to ever rock my world
And i’m here thinking will there ever be a third

I don’t know, maybe…
And i don’t blame you, but i think that you should take blame
For all this nonsense, but instead you’re feeling no shame
And i don’t get it, how you just don’t even sweat it

If i see you i don’t even know if you remember my name
Now i can never let my guard down
Keep it on lock, i can never let my hеart out
Cause i just, see you people as distraction

Mеanwhile i’m tryna… make a living off this rap sh#t
And music’s my contraption
My mind’s the motor of my motherf#ckin’ actions
I guess i made this album, so i could feel satisfaction

But i know it’s not real, i need more
I guess that’s kinda my deal
So leave the past where it belongs
Cause i be reminiscing when i should be writing songs

And ignorance is bliss but b#tch ain’t really nothing wrong
With knowing what your goal is, in my honest opinion you can never be too focussed
Now f#ck the kids games, i focus on my wordplay
I’ve been chasin’ millions and i’m about to make the world pay

It’s my time, i’m here to rearrange the stars
Cause i, need my place among them
I’m tryna climb the charts
But even more so…

I’m tryna get up in your mind
Cause one day i’ll be gone, and i’m tryna leave behind
A mentality of elevation
You don’t get it, but the future is your creation

Never get complacent
It’s on you to go after what it is you’re chasing
“and i’m telling you it’s worth it”
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Fly Lyrics – Elevation

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Release Year: 2012