Ezra Cobb X Jason Cole – Broken

Ezra Cobb X Jason Cole Broken

Ezra Cobb X Jason Cole – Broken Lyrics

Artist: Ezra Cobb X Jason Cole
Song: Broken

“Lives will be broken, love unspoken
Somewhere a child will fear that hope is gone
One lonely moment, will never come back, as a song.”
We came a long way, from going the wrong way

Started overthinking less and letting the song play
A lot of possibilities with passion and depend
If other people can relate because it’s happening to them
It’s a way out from everything they can’t escape from

Whеn they’re trying to break brеad but they can only make crumbs
A meal ticket for some, but soul food for the real ones
Civilians, not the villains trying to make the millions
The heroes and saviors, we fear the behavior

Of the opposers of our family and neighbors
I hope you’re looking out for the people that love you
And defeating all the evil and the demons above you
Who’s gonna be the one to feel freedom

When the odds are against you and you still beat ’em
Groundhog day feeling like a TV re-run
And my lungs are collapsing but I’m still breathin’
Came a long way. Cassette tape bangin’

Thought the best would come later. I was dubbing tracks
Splitters, bubba hotep. Relax on the set
Roll the fatty in the back. Keep the rap
Stay flaming. Flowing natural, so casual and magical

To catch you vibing melody. So vibrant, gotta keep on driving
Diving deeper. What’s inside the final picture?
Paint the mona lisa. Sculpt the perfect bridge
I need applause from the theater

Rocking on the microphone until I’m comatose
’88, my mama brought me to my earthly post
Trying bit as a youngin’. Kept the heat straight bumping
Defining to something but the music got me strumming

I’ma roll out the beat like a canopy
I sing for a piece of sanity. Scars come and go, no calamity
We ride to the rhythm ’til we find relief
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Ezra Cobb X Jason Cole Lyrics – Broken

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Release Year: 2011

Ezra Cobb X Jason Cole - Broken