Ezedike – Workin’

Ezedike Workin'

Ezedike – Workin’ Lyrics

Artist: Ezedike
Song: Workin’

We must understand clearly when we talk about capitalism
Who are the capitalists?
Cause if we understand
That there are only a few people

Who own and control the means of production in the society
Then we begin to understand
That there are a few capitalists
And these capitalists exploit everybody

Because everybody works for them
Everybody sells their labor to them
It is by sеlling your labor
To a capitalist

That he’s really able to еxploit you
Instead of going through theory
Let me give some direct example
Dan clock in at his 9 to 5

Pretend like he don’t hate his life
Some call it ambition, or drive
Don’t know but he’s just tryna survive
And Timothy on his way

He gotta take a bus and a train
Downtown to a job that he hates
No time to rest today
You wanna advance, but they don’t care

You want equity, but you got nappy hair
And they scheme, cause everyone can’t have the American Dream
Make ends meet while your bones creak
And when you get sick, stay on your feet

When life gets hard, pull yourself up by your bootstraps
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Ezedike Lyrics – Workin’

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From the album:
Midnight Special
Release Year: 2021