EYES – Bbbbbbbliss

EYES Bbbbbbbliss

EYES – Bbbbbbbliss Lyrics

Artist: EYES
Song: Bbbbbbbliss

I haven’t felt this way
I haven’t felt like I did today
In such a long time
Is this how it is from now?

I hope this is from now on
Not dwelling on past mistakes
Not doubting if I deserve what I get
Not scared to say something wrong

Feel comfortable in my own skin
Waking up without thinking of the end
Going to bed without fearing the day that comes next
A day with no regrets

Waking up without thinking of the end
Waking with hope of a day with no regrets
It’s like I’ve been here before
A movie you think you’ve seen but you’re not sure

A product of our time
A reboot of before, not as good but still fine
Finally feel bliss but I’m scared
Will it last or fizzle out again

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EYES Lyrics – Bbbbbbbliss

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Release Year: 2023