EYES – Ballast

EYES Ballast

EYES – Ballast Lyrics

Artist: EYES
Song: Ballast

Self-proclaimed saint turned out opposite
Are you surprised about that?
Self-proclaimed saint wanted to be rich
Are you surprised at all? (I’m not surprised at all)

I could rave on all day long
Not a word I said would come on through
Nothing would change, no one would grow

Repetition and futility
Only room for hostility
Nothing you or I will do can change where we’ll go to
Our fates are sealed by god-complexes in suits

Creeping realization, a world once vast
Absolute truths are a thing of the past
Gloves off, face revealed behind the mask
Absolute truths are a thing of the past

I once had hope
Faces with adversity I’d smile
Obstacles I’d clear
Any hill I would climb

No matter what good I want to bring into the world
The worlds isn’t good, and what’s good isn’t fair
I once had hope
The world outgrew its past

Once we could cope
We would abandon the ballast
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EYES Lyrics – Ballast

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Release Year: 2023