elcammgguod – Letter to Junior

elcammgguod Letter to Junior

elcammgguod – Letter to Junior Lyrics

Artist: elcammgguod
Song: Letter to Junior

★ Verse ★
Remember I gave you the last of money when I ain’t have sh#t up in my bank
Remember you hit me up and said my music was fire, man that sh#t had me gassed
This music sh#t finna change my life, you were the first to give me a chance

Remember I tried to hang myself when I was f#cked up in my gaff
I’m screaming loyalty forever, play with bro I’ll grab my Gerber
Remember bumping the train to Jack’s just so we could go record togethеr
Yeah we going up togethеr, yeah I love you, you’re my brother

Yeah this sh#t infinity, I’m screaming loyalty forever
When I get out to the States, I promise that you’re coming with me
No man left behind, and you know I put that sh#t on Lazy
If you ain’t hit me up, I’d be in the jail, but really can you blame me

Yeah we glowing up like the sun, but I remember when it was raining
Yeah I’d eat a charge for you, I’d go to jail, and wouldn’t say sh#t
Yeah we’re just some council cunts, we’re gonna get out, we’re gonna make it
I remember I dropped that tape, and you were tweeting the lyrics, man that sh#t had me crazy

Yeah this sh#t ain’t even a song, this a letter but I ain’t write it
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elcammgguod Lyrics – Letter to Junior

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Release Year: 2023