EK$PE – Memento Mori

EK$PE Memento Mori

EK$PE – Memento Mori Lyrics

Artist: EK$PE
Song: Memento Mori

Seen too much blood splattered all over the walls
I tried to stop it but was too late now the sound
Is ringing in the halls it’s never ending never mending
All the pain is stuck forever endin’ all the things

That we have all been dreading for too long
I can’t be that m#th*rf#ck*r counting sheep
I can’t even keep the peace
I just need a sweet release

Not the type that will leave my body bleeding and deceased
For my friends to find
But maybe just thе type that i can use to to clear my mind
From all thе pain and f#cking trauma

Nobody ever said that everything is f#cking awful
“Life ain’t fair” means something far different than life is hostile
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EK$PE Lyrics – Memento Mori

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Release Year: 2022