Dr. Dre – ETA

Dr. Dre ETA

Dr. Dre – ETA Lyrics

Artist: Dr. Dre
Song: ETA

Been around, versatile, South of France, Rosecrans
Pin ’em up, knock ’em down, baby, I don’t [?]
Stoppin’ the car
Uh, I been around, marathon, Compton to Avalon

[?] and [?], royal [?] drums
No one goes to cinemas so we all [?] hologram [?] dances
Big shot, been the bum, make me reminisce upon
I remember me and Dogg, Swap meet, Dickies on

When was that? In ’93?
You probably wasn’t even born
Dre, I think you need to the trade Range for the 6-4
Weave through the weeds, smoke trees where my seeds grow

Let ’em try to press, get shot likе a free throw
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Dr. Dre Lyrics – ETA

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Release Year: 1992