Don Sebesky – Fly/Circles

Don Sebesky Fly/Circles

Don Sebesky – Fly/Circles Lyrics

Artist: Don Sebesky
Song: Fly/Circles

If you really want to
You can fly so high
Higher than you ever thought you could

If you only you would try it
You could soar
Farther than you’ve ever dared before
You could rise above the crowd

And when you’re high above the cloud
Just remember, don’t look down
No, don’t look down
For once you’ve left the ground

You’re free
To be whatever you can be
And if they try to tell you that you can’t
Don’t believe it, it’s a lie

All you’ve got to do
Is close your eyes
And fly
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Don Sebesky Lyrics – Fly/Circles

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Release Year: 1973