DJ mouzx66 – This Is Playa Mouse

DJ mouzx66 This Is Playa Mouse

DJ mouzx66 – This Is Playa Mouse Lyrics

Artist: DJ mouzx66
Song: This Is Playa Mouse

Playa M on the line, playas going insane
Chilling, choking style flowing through my veins
T-Town is the home, where I found myself
Homies and my music is my f#cking wealth

Close your mouth, b#tch, I’ll break you down
Like a hoe, god damn, this is another hater
But I dont give a damn about, cause I’m making papers
My father taught me that time is money

I’m so f#cking lucky, 8ball on my side
Some crazy sh#t come to my mind
“Dont waste your time on that freaky p#ss#”
Mummy told me, when she baked cookies

Girls doesn’t know, who is the Mouse
Damn, I don’t doubt myself, only making loud, this sh#t ain’t stop
I chopping samples like a ham, shut up and do your job
Gеt out of my way, there ain’t no place for you

If you wanna play, don’t slow down, you ain’t look likе a Screw
Dont turn around, if you scared
Maybe, this is your end, my friend
Me, DJ mouse, will kick your #ss, fool
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DJ mouzx66 Lyrics – This Is Playa Mouse

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Release Year: 2022

This Is Playa Mouse