Diamondcup67 – Where Are My Keys

Diamondcup67 Where Are My Keys

Diamondcup67 – Where Are My Keys Lyrics

Artist: Diamondcup67
Song: Where Are My Keys

I’m going back to my home
I’m gonna have a good time inside my household
And I’m gonna make sure nothing goes wrong
Once I figure out what’s going on

I lost my keys, oh my keys
I kind of needed them to get inside of my house
So I had to call the police
And they told me “Just get a new freaking house”

I lost my way, oh my way
I’m not sure how to do anything today
But I gotta get inside of my house
I need to find my keys right now

I gotta do it as soon as possible
But I realized I can’t find my way back
And no one wants to me how
‘Cause they’re all too busy doin’ their their thing

I just gotta, just gotta, just gotta, gotta, gotta go
Just go home
Just go home alonе and then answer the phonе
And tell them everything that you don’t know

And then wait because their phones are pretty slow
Just loan a dome
And then live inside of it and play with the snow
It’ll waste your time while you wait for the phone

‘Cause they still can’t get their servers to work
But now I’m trapped inside of this thing
I can’t wait because I gotta do another thing
I need to have my keys so I can do the thing

Which is going inside to finish the thing
And now I’m out, oh I’m out
And I’m finally gonna go inside my house
And now that I’m free, I can’t finally see

And I can go down and open my door
This is my old house
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Diamondcup67 Lyrics – Where Are My Keys

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Release Year: 2008