devon hendryx – black materia (original)

devon hendryx black materia (original)

devon hendryx – black materia (original) Lyrics

Artist: devon hendryx
Song: black materia (original)

Old fuccboi~ass n~ggas, suck my d~ck
23 and i’m f~ckin’ packin’
I pulled a gun out and shot their mouth in for f~ckin’ ratchet

I extinct there, f~ckin’ job and a linkedin
I’d rather get that road head, [?] parkin’ my lincoln
I’m independent thinking, f~ck these white man words
You people acting like some n~ggas, that’s a white man verb

I’m not a f~ckin’ indie rocker or your friendly blog rapper
I’m out here scr~ping crumbs, give a f~ck about these crackers
I get in where i fit in and everywhere’s a tight squeeze
Pass me off a brick, motherf~ckеr, you might breathe

I’m in the nеgro leagues, i play short stop
Try to get a hit and baby it’s gon’ be a short walk
B~tch, i got that war talk, i’m a undercover p~rnstar
Eat that p~ssy good, my tongue game is 4~star

To your leader, now she playin’ wide receiver
Throw that ball up in her, then i leave her
F~ck your life
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devon hendryx Lyrics – black materia (original)

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Release Year: 2016

Devon Hendryx - Black Materia