Dennis Coulson – Yesterday’s Dream

Dennis Coulson Yesterday's Dream

Dennis Coulson – Yesterday’s Dream Lyrics

Artist: Dennis Coulson
Song: Yesterday’s Dream

Well my youth slipped by, didn’t realize
In a money eating music machine
Coffee that was three quarters cream
That was yesterday’s dream

Yesterday’s dream wants to say hello
To his castles and a teenage queen
It could be now and he wouldn’t know
But that was yesterday’s dream

Yesterday’s man had a dream today
He’d a style that he never knew
Now a fan, he can only view
Yesterday’s dream

Yesterday just left me like a snowman feels thе sun
Sheriff knows he’ll have to usе his gun
Monday’s always empty, teacher asks you what you’ve done
There’s always someone around to spoil your fun

Well I could have been a pirate but the captain said “Too young”
He didn’t know just what he’d gone and done
Instead I joined the Indians cos the soldiers always won
It’s my turn now to spoil somebody’s fun

Yesterday’s dream took me by surprise
Promised nothing that I couldn’t try
Wasn’t any reasons for lies
But that was yesterday’s dream

Yesterday’s dream was so long ago
Now a life that I couldn’t see
Has taken out a part of me
And tomorrow was yesterday’s dream
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Dennis Coulson Lyrics – Yesterday’s Dream

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Release Year: 1992

Dennis Coulson - Yesterday's Dream