Artist: DELA TUU

Look up on the stage
We one in the same
I gotta go do whats best
I look at the frame

Im feeling the same
Everything here is mine
This is what happens
When everything coming together

You kinda get nervous
Even when you know you deserve it
We breathe in smoke on the surface
We up in the clouds its gorgeous

They calling our name
We fall wit with the rain
We gotta maintain thе portions
Cuz higher you go the harder you fall

But thats just lifе and order
You gots to choose your forces
Shrooms caps
And molly rocks

Tuesdays was going up
Thursdays was going up
Fridays was going up
Smoke a spliff in a leather jacket

Let the ash fall on the top jeans
Smackdown vs raw wit thoughts
Left side beat the right side
Now the right side really blowing up

Fight night for another week
Roll the dice everytime i speak
Caught walking my life in circles
Felt things that i thought was certain

Turns out everything was curtains
That ain’t a bad thing
Just time for a new scene
Time for a new thing

New day new regime
New day for uhhh
Just throw a dog a bone f#ck a phone I bought a throne
Holy oils and poly smoke I’m thrown like Geronimo

How to train a dragon with Khaleesi cause she’ll wanna know
Going hard is all I know
Mother Nature caught a load
Excuse me mrs peju try patience I’ll save you

The dojo doors open hi, salam a lekum
Where the master at?
Kick back and flipping I don mastered that
Approaching with a cobra stance

The scent there was baccarat
I know a monster that’ll never hide under the bed
The bravest of militias came for drama till they all was dead
A warning?

It’s something we don prayed for every morning
So the violence is a blessing bring the violins and accordions
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Release Year: 2023