Defekt – Follow Me

Defekt Follow Me

Defekt – Follow Me Lyrics

Artist: Defekt
Song: Follow Me

I was born for the wicked rhymes that I spit
I’m giving 〈.?.〉 my head and broke my heart for this sh#t
If you don’t, b#tch, act you like you do
〈.?.〉, watch out, we’re coming through

Hypnotized by the moon, I just 〈.?.〉 the rain
Drooling bloodthirsty 〈.?.〉 feel pain
I need some help, I think I need some therapy
I can talk to myself, but I’m scary

I made myself bleed just to pass the time
Take it back what’s time, still lost up in my mind
Inside my store where my brain has bled
Play this track backward to resurrect the dead

I 〈.?.〉 wake up the wicked sh#t like Re-Animator
Leaving max in the back of a motherf#cking hater
Follow me into a place
Where evil lives in demon’s 〈.?.〉 (Follow me)

〈.?.〉 where serpents rule the world
The spirits rise from poisoned 〈.?.〉 (Follow me)
Follow me into a realm
Where corpses sing and dance around (Follow me)

〈.?.〉 we go to 〈.?.〉 away
We call the wicked underground (Follow me)
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Defekt Lyrics – Follow Me

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Release Year: 2019