deathoffeb – To be low

deathoffeb To be low

deathoffeb – To be low Lyrics

Artist: deathoffeb
Song: To be low

If we’re meant to be together, then we’ll end up together
No, the way we end up together is by saying we’ll be together and then…being together
Eric come on, we’re together now
Isn’t that enough?

No! I mean–I mean, damn, Donna!
If you can see a future for yourself without me, and that doesn’t, like, break your heart
Then we’re not doing what I thought wе’re doing here and you know what?
Maybе we shouldn’t even be together at all!

Are you breaking up with me?
And if this don’t break your heart
Ima know I should’ve felt stupid from the start
Ima know I’m never gonna be the thing you want

Cause you’re claiming that you lost, yet you livin in the dark
But it’s okay, b#tch I grew up there too
Back when I figured I had nothing left to lose

Back when you didn’t pick and choose over me and other dudes
They don’t see you like I do
I won’t trust another soul like you

But I’ve been at my lowest since before I met you
Won’t ever forget everything you put me through
But All this sh#t is nothing new
Got my ego back today right where you threw my f#cking heart away

Was livin in the dark for like a year, ain’t pictured darker days
Fighting for my happiness like that was my King Arthur phase
Mordred with a sharpened blade
No wonder I can’t walk away

But maybe I wasn’t lyin
When I said that I’d be fine
But I’m hopin that you feelin real alone tonight
Im hoping that you gettin real cold tonight..
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deathoffeb Lyrics – To be low

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