Daddy Kev – First Things Last

Daddy Kev First Things Last

Daddy Kev – First Things Last Lyrics

Artist: Daddy Kev
Song: First Things Last

First is a calling from a greater power within you and
Second is a reckoning ability for right or wrong
Third is the word you heard to serve a curb of nerds who blurred the vision of Leimert who’s doing dirt but never puts in work and
Fourth when you metamorph a proper course here can be taken

Fifth is nothing if we all ain’t drunk we hear mistakes your making
Sixth sensibility to mix the instability of sinister soliloquies in Fellowship facilities and
Seventh is the prevalence of paper doing what you love and
Eighth is the weight you hope in faith when kicking up three dubs and

Ninth is the inning or the bottom for my last chances of kicking with a Cheshire hear her grinning when they falling off
Tenth an elaborate labyrinth then ya lost
Eleventh then ya revving ya motor mouth and ya floss
Twelfth is nobody else will help you if you first don’t help yourself with wealth and profit keeping products on the shelf and popping

Thirteenth is referring to energy from a bong
Fourteenth is resorting to the snorting going on
Fifteenth the amendment anyone can vote is shifty since they strike the people out in prison if they could it would be different
Sixteenth the mixing with this rhythm track elixir kicking

Seventeenth so heavenly she looks inside her thong
Eighteenth divided by the two brought you to nine
Nineteenth they hate and hog the mic a long time
Twenty if they’re funny this is when they think they running this and

Twenty-second running butt naked hysterical can be comical clerical incorrectness on political settings
Twenty-third the Thunderbird’s a drink and then a car
Twenty-fourth the hour money then goes to the star
Twenty-fifth when running lips and babysitting burning spliffs don’t be surprised when someone taps you asking you to pass that sh#t and

Twenty-sixth for any chicks who want to get the schlong
Twenty-seventh someone better tell em bout mine
Twenty-eighth no wonder race of MC’s increase state by state my super sperm or terminology impregnating their mind and
Twenty-ninth when someone psyched then wanna run and bite your rhyming

Thirtieth prefer to twist or rearrange so sun can shine in
Thirty-first a murder is impervious to hurting us, a circle is when universal style occurs and is refined
Which came in the beginning, the hen or the egg
I tell you it must be the rooster because he came from the head

The early bird was smoking sherm and
Drinking cheaper wine
And nobody was listening to a thing that he said…
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Daddy Kev Lyrics – First Things Last

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Release Year: 2001