Cueue Ayun – Techno Logic

Cueue Ayun Techno Logic

Cueue Ayun – Techno Logic Lyrics

Artist: Cueue Ayun
Song: Techno Logic

One, two, three, four
There used to be a time when i
Never wanted to go home
Then i got a videogame

And from then, man, it was on
Now i never leave the house
And it’s not cause i am scared
But cause this is so interesting

I’m forgetting bout the world out there
Now, after i beat this, then i gotta beat that
Schedule is: play the game, play the game, eat, crap
Now i spend so many hours whеre i sleep at

That when i leavе, i wanna retreat back (because, that’s that) (x2)
Techno logic. it gotta be that techno logic (x3)
Techno logic. it gotta be that techno…
There used to be a time when i

Would read like every day
Then i found the internet
And there’s nothing much else to say
As of now, i haven’t read a book

In its entirety in some years
Because if it ain’t the world wide web
Then, my duder, it’s out of here
It goes laptop, cell phone, everywhere, bluetooth

Every hour, facebook, twitter feed, youtube
Can’t stop going back. gotta get the new news
And if you talking, i gotta mute you (cause i’m on my/that’s that) (x2)
There used to be a time when i

Was in love with technology
Now it’s got the best of me
I realize it, so i got to leave
But i just now noticed i’m sick

So i never tried to find a cure
Like being in a house so long
You don’t know it has a door no more
It goes, “come inside. door’s locked. led astray. closed in

Light’s out.” now i got the notion that it don’t end
And the door run away every time it open
Gotta do it one mo ‘gain. (falling for it/got got by that) (x2)
If every other hour, you be checking your phone

Then it’s probably that (techno logic)
Think your life gonna end cause your charger’s at home
It’s more than likely that (techno logic)
Not a people person. only avatars are your friends

That’s that (techno logic)
Mad tired and your day ain’t begin. don’t let it win. that’s that…
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Cueue Ayun Lyrics – Techno Logic

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Cueue Ayun Performing "Paradise" and "Techno Logic" at Art Ave (3/23/12)