Cokengucci – Make it for me

Cokengucci Make it for me

Cokengucci – Make it for me Lyrics

Artist: Cokengucci
Song: Make it for me

I’ve been losing friends and i’ve been losing patience
Don’t know where i’m going dont know if i’ll make it
Don’t know where you’ve been don’t know if you hate me
You used to call me baby

And now you make me crazy
Loved it when you used to come around and now i’m crying at the sound of your voice, you always let me down
Hated all the f#cking argument
And never knowing what you meant

And never knowing how to handle it
Shit, but i guess that how it is
And it’s never gonna change
Always gonna be the same and i guess i can’t complain

Cuz i’m always thе one who’s gonna ruin it, sh#t
At least i’m trying
Always say i’m lying when i rеally only want the truth
I just wanna ride, get me high, imma die inside

Never know when i’m gonna see another night again
And i’m in bed again
Praying to the sky dont why but i wanna die
Really hurts inside don’t know why but i can never cry

Really hurts inside dont know why i don’t wanna die
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Cokengucci Lyrics – Make it for me

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From the album:
make it for me [Explicit]
Release Year: 2021