Cocoon – Ember

Cocoon Ember

Cocoon – Ember Lyrics

Artist: Cocoon
Song: Ember

She has a metal heart behind an angel face
Sets the knife and fork by her dinner plate
Making sure everything’s in it’s proper place
A second glass of wine she wouldn’t tolerate

She listens to the rain and almost remembers
Back onto the days when she was tender
Kindle the ember
Another day alone and reaching cross the bed

It takеs her by surprise the drеam that’s in her head
Her body feels a need she didn’t know she had
There’s someone to call but can’t do that
She listens to the rain and her heart remembers

Back to kinder days when he was tender
And fights the urge with everything that’s in her
Kindle the ember
She usually wears her jeans but maybe needs a dress

Who knows when she might meet someone to impress
She runs into the rain and looks for cover
That stranger there might someday be a lover
There’s a fire inside that might recover

Kindle the ember
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Cocoon Lyrics – Ember

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Release Year: 2019