Chinx – Outro

Chinx Outro

Chinx – Outro Lyrics

Artist: Chinx
Song: Outro

Yo, you see, the place that I came from
It’s real tough, you gotta’ stay strong

Too much pain, now my brain’s numb
I don’t wanna’ make songs
Cah most of my mate’s gone
Took my day one, who’s the blame on?

Now they got him caged up
I gotta’ make sure he’s good
He was with me in the hood and never changed up
When I was locked up, they didn’t say much

See me doing well they wanna’ smother me with fake love
But just on a bird, they put my hands in them chaincuffs
But I don’t learn, cah I’m still upon the same stuff
Roads, moving like straight thugs

Living on the streets, like, mommy didn’t raise us, the game’s f#cked
Everytime I hear that ringtone
It’s probably my friend, trynna’ call me from the payphone
It’s been 5 years since he’s been home

And he’s still got 20 years left, everyday I miss bro
But I guess that’s how this sh#t goes, when you’re fully involved
I just pray that I get to see my kids grow
You can keep the fame and the thick hoes

You got a name, Mr Big Show, but all of it just gets old
Actin’ out of impulse
I could’ve caught a body, yeah I’ve been close
Put me in the bin tho, and bars on my window

Feds getting intel, so who’s giving info?
See, I’ve been broke, with nothing but a brickphone
Had to get a brick sold, and now I’m counting big notes
Increase the income, I can’t go home until the sh#ts done

The reload just came in a big lump
And I’m still duckin’ plain clothes
All the money in the world can’t make the pain go
It’s got me looking at the sky, like why you take bro?

Cah, he really had a great soul, nobody came close
I can’t hide it, my face’s shown
I don’t wanna’ talk or have a chit-chat, but you can sit back
This is more than a sick track, it’s not just rapping, cuz’ I live that

Risked it, and did that
I don’t wanna’ speak on the violence
I’m probably getting preed by the Trident
I know they wanna’ catch me breachin’ my license

But I just need a reason, I’m riding, let me just keep being silent
Never had a job, cah’ the streets were providing
I know it seems so enticing, but you don’t know the slightest
Bro got one, gotta’ count his bodycount

Then he put a body down
Freedom is priceless, I still speak to my lifers
They tell me I ain’t gotta’ pick and choose
I just gotta’ hit the booth, cuz they know I spit the truth

I’m the only artist that they listen to, now it’s time to make bigger moves
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Chinx Lyrics – Outro

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Release Year: 2011