Checqz – House Sweet House

Checqz House Sweet House

Checqz – House Sweet House Lyrics

Artist: Checqz
Song: House Sweet House

My room feels like a prison cell
If you saw, you’d get the parallel
Cramped conditions for the
Dog I want to be

Punk rock posters on the wall
Make me look like a Neanderthal
Pizza boxes, soda cans
Under my seat

A house that’s not a home
Sometimes it’s so alone
But with my couch and television
It’s such a good distraction, so I just

Wake up
And sit up
And give up
And stomp the floor

I screw up
So shut up
And grow up
And slam the door

Returning to where I confide
In the attic by the algaecide
At least I’m not caught up in the
Arguments and flak

Partaking in the summer air
Makes me feel like I’m a millionaire
Take a stroll outside and I’m
Never looking back

A house that’s not a home
I swear it’s so alone
You don’t have to pick sides as long as you
Never pick a fight and so I just

Don’t talk
And don’t move
Don’t argue
And say I’m done

Just kick back
And relax
I’m so bored
I’m having fun
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Checqz Lyrics – House Sweet House

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Release Year: 2017