Cab Calloway – What’s Buzzin’ Cousin

Cab Calloway What's Buzzin' Cousin

Cab Calloway – What’s Buzzin’ Cousin Lyrics

Artist: Cab Calloway
Song: What’s Buzzin’ Cousin

What’s buzzin’, cousin?
What goes on with that look in your eye?
What’s buzzin’, cousin?
Does it mean what I think I imply?

Now what’s tickin’, chicken?
What gives out with that cute little grin?
What’s fittin’, kitten?
How’s about, am I out, am I in?

Aw come on, let’s have our fling
We know that spring has sprung
Ask your mother to hold her tongue
She had a fella when she was young

What’s buzzin’, cousin?
What you say to a cuddle or two?
What’s cuttin’, button?
What’s dunkin’, pumpkin?

What’s buzzin’, cousin?
Oh, baby, what goes with you?
(Oh, we-a now-a say-a what is there a buzzin’, cousin?)
I want you on my family tree

(Oh, what is there-a buzzin’, cousin?)
Look here, are you giving the business to me?
(No, no, no)
(What’s so classy, chassis?)

What a cue for a beautiful thrill
(Say, what’s so yummy, mummy)
Say, would you swap “I won’t” for “I will”?
(Wish I knew just how to say “Come kiss me” in Hawaiian)

Oh, me-kissy-missy, hokie-dolie, hunky-doolie
You can’t kill a guy for tryin’!
(Hey, what is there a-buzzin’, cousin?)
You got “oomph” with a capital “O”

(Say, what’s bluesy, Suzie?)
What’s cozy, Rosie?
What’s ducky wucky?
What’s tutti frutti?

What’s hatsie-tatsie?
What’s boogie-woogie?
Oh, baby, what’s with you?
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Cab Calloway Lyrics – What’s Buzzin’ Cousin

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Release Year: 1994