Cab Calloway – Lordy

Cab Calloway Lordy

Cab Calloway – Lordy Lyrics

Artist: Cab Calloway
Song: Lordy

Hey, Lord
The night is friendly
The stars are winkin’
My sleepy-headed baby’s eyes are blinkin’

I hold him in my arms and sit here thinking
Lordy! What a sweet world
The night is friendly
With voices croonin’

And gals and fellows in the shadows spoonin’
And clouds that open up to let the moon in
Lordy! What a sweet world
Now, I ain’t callin’ this life perfect

But I am thanking my maker above
Because for everything
That you don’t like
There’s a million little things that you love, ooh

A bell is chimin’
To toll the hour
The sky is dripping light on every livin’ flower
It like to drown us in a silver shower

Lordy! What a sweet world
I’m so happy
Happy to be livin’

Yes sir!
Livin’ on a friendly night
On a friendly night
In a friendly world

In a friendly world
My heart is happy
Thanks to the Lord!
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Cab Calloway Lyrics – Lordy

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Release Year: 1971