C Dot Castro – Friday The 13th

C Dot Castro Friday The 13th

C Dot Castro – Friday The 13th Lyrics

Artist: C Dot Castro
Song: Friday The 13th

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
I bet they f#cking with me now hoe

If they hating it probably won’t help that i been f#cking they b#tch on the down low
m#th*rf#ck*rs wonder why i always switch the sound for
Don’t over think is out get up off of yo #ss and download
I been working my #ss off, stepping to me homie you gon get gassed out

Ain’t talking no mascara when i say that i lash out
Been outta cash, only a matter of time i cash out
You gotta be patient on the road to riches no fast route
Never had a doubt, this sh#ts fate

Playing offensive b#tch trait
Dropped the greatest hits album and called it a mixtape
My sh#ts great, greatest of all time if i continue to grow at this rate
Studied the game and i followed the template

You think i’m already cocky, well sh#t wait
All this hot air these n#gg#s is blowing ain’t no way my head won’t inflate
I’ll admit it, i’m a dick but f#ck thee b#tches love it
If she ain’t about to suck it then f#ck it that b#tch can suck it

Ain’t with the f#ck sh#t don’t ask for no feature ain’t got no budget
If the change isn’t the subject then imma just change the subject
This is for my brothers got half a dozen still out there hustling
Won’t have the bees in the trap that much longer they know i’m buzzing

Real n#gg#s, so even when i’m stunting they never come around fronting like i owe ‘em something ‘cause i don’t owe ‘em nothing
I do this from the kindness of my heart the finest from the start
A motherf#cking star how you think i keep shining in the dark
Tryna get paid in full, this isn’t business b#tch we making moves

f#ck your feelings i’m just out here doing what i was made to do
I know i can do what jay could do, me needing you is beyond sayable
Get sent to the left you get to thinking your irreplaceable, i play it cool
A king yeah i was made to rule, a rebel wasn’t made for rules

If they would’ve told me to drop out i probably would’ve stayed in school
Broke as f#ck but i paid my dues, played to fool far too long but now i’m playing fools
Dot we all dope, kept pushing never lost hope
Mistake my kindness for weakness, get to thinking it’s all jokes

And get your jaw broke ask the people around me they all know
I’m nasty, i’m my own competition there ain’t no way that you can pass me
You think this verse is crazy this sh#t is trash, if you ask me
I wrote this sh#t i was fast asleep

Castro the catastrophe, the best i have to be, my condolences if you after me
That’ll be sad to see lyrical factory, you should happily have a seat
I can tell you’re weak
Like a born paraplegic b#tch i never felt defeat
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C Dot Castro Lyrics – Friday The 13th

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Release Year: 2022