Buzzov•en – Sore

Buzzov•en Sore

Buzzov•en – Sore Lyrics

Artist: Buzzov•en
Song: Sore

I think i know you
My time is not so clear
To scrape myself away
My god what a f#cked up day

In violence we linger
This is not my home
I see dirty razors
Relax it won’t be ok

I never knew just how long
You gave and took in the same
My response is not kind
This meth has raped my mind

I came strength failed
The dead breath broke
All weak it cried out
Found out the lost cage

In pitiful he sank the
Lives complain unnerved sense
Of a sick return im wired
Weak mind again

My wasted life i trim the pain again
The skill to cure the mad collapsed
The clinics closed its not the same
To fake what can’t delay i try

Not to change my mind
Its not ok i live to carnage the weak
My cancer is so in need
Administer forgotten

Shame with gentle restraint
You lie
You f#cking lie…
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Buzzov•en Lyrics – Sore

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Release Year: 1994