bugus – b#llsh#t

bugus b#llsh#t

bugus – b#llsh#t Lyrics

Artist: bugus
Song: b#llsh#t

I smell bullsh-t
Don’t know what to call it
Other than bullsh-t
Blows my mind

Blows my high
Turn on the tv
All i see is commercial
Every day i pray my cd is commercial

Every rapper just wanna sign to universal
I’d rather be online straight universal
Didn’t fit in with the system
But i swallowed it and got that sh-t up out my system

And i know these people get greedier
News stay feeding y’all bullsh-t
Truth gets lost in the media
If i see another girl post another pic for some validation

God imma f-cking go crazy
If i see another dude flexing on the gram acting like he the man
I’ll be f-cking your lady
Lately i see insecurities

The government isn’t built for minorities
I see ghettos all around the white house
So many empty rooms with the lights out
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bugus Lyrics – b#llsh#t

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Release Year: 2017