Bones – GloveBox

Bones GloveBox

Bones – GloveBox Lyrics

Artist: Bones
Song: GloveBox

I’m gettting it jumping and bucking I got that pistol in the glove box
Ready to get to busting and dumping I’m in the mud [?]
Hold up oh oh pick for ya, pull that b#tch trigger and then we dip on em
I’m ready to tear em, the devil is riding right with me to battle

I’m bout to go slamming them gavels and moving cold in the phantom
I highly doubt that you got love for me
My weapon it always keeps me company
I be the wrecking ball

Shaking and breaking the rest involved
f#ck what you thinking I’m better than y’all
The best of all
Time, the graveyard veteran oh

Twisting fast, flicking ash
Making some dollars and make it last
Life is fast, death is slow
The reaper is reaping, I’m coming down

Out, hit the sound, blades pimping downtown
Get the team another round
Cheers to us for holding it down
Diamonds in my pinky ring

Charge it to the f#cking game
All you p#ssies imitate
I came back to set it straight
Rolling up grip on my Glock 9

I get so high that I stop time
Send me the addy I’ll drop mine
Changing the game every time that I rhyme
Kicking it thinkin it’s bout time

Pick em up put em on up in the sky
Listen up I go with one at a time
f#ck with the team and I promise you die
Riding around, smoking the pound

I feel like I’m in a different world
f#cking around, we laying it down
f#ck it and pick up a different day
I like to keep my pimping A1

See we been silent ever since day one
Backroads calling we don’t gotta go back
Backroads calling we don’t gotta go back
Backroads calling
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Bones Lyrics – GloveBox

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Release Year: 2022