Blessing Kennzy – BLU

Blessing Kennzy BLU

Blessing Kennzy – BLU Lyrics

Artist: Blessing Kennzy
Song: BLU

I’m tryna stay sober huh
Anxiety on my neck like a choker
Now a days time’s been going slower and
No smile keep a straight face poker

Really really hope you can come over huh
Cos i think i need you closer
Been on the road since last October
Can’t sleep i am insomniac

No no
And that’s stress induced
Thought i already paid my dues
Taking back all of my power

Wealth and Fame pursuit
I messed up a couple times
Yeah i’m so flawed and i wish i could hit reboot
I fought, I fell, I stood back up still i feel absolute

That alright
I wish that i don’t feel like this
But i guess it is what it is
Been looking, I’ve been searching for my Bliss

And is there something i can do
Skat skat skat
Tryna f#ck mе over but you Can’t can’t can’t

Already did that to myself
Sеlf destruct trapped in my head
I’m just tryna make this bread yeah
Green white what i bled yeah

Always been ahead
Pilot till the day i’m dead
Feels like i still got no control
Although i put my heart and put my soul

Minds been set on certain goals
S’times i do not know my roles
I feel paranoia
Hater act like they know ya

I’m out of this world i’m solar
Party in my head
I’ll be balling till it over
Yeah you stole my courage

Yeah you forced my Silence
[Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm
Now I’m stuck on a self made island
[Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm

I’ve been trippin’ and i’ve be wilding
[Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm
Made me learn to be Self relying
[Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm

Now i realize i’ve been wasting time
[Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm
No need to wait for you to save me
[Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm

In this blu i could ride a wave
I’ll learn to let it go and never go with it
Now i step put my comfort zone
I make sure i let them know

Times ticking and i gotta live in the moment
Fight back, pick myself from my ruin
Keep it three hundred like the romans
Make sure i don’t drown in the ocean

Reassure myself i’m the chosen
Then kick my plan into motion
Coming to claim my throne
Bloodline royal that all i’ve known

Never stop till the day i’m gone
That’s all out got my weapon drawn
Then i like to sing my jawn yeah
Guess we having fun yeah

Glad to be alive
Been my best self all around yeah
That alright
I wish that i don’t feel like this

But i guess it is what it is
Been looking, I’ve been searching for my Bliss
I’m BLU yeah
And is there something i can do

Ok Ok
Yeah We sad as f#ck, we sad as f#ck
Oh yeah
But we get it done, we get it done

Oh yeah
So i realize we’re lucky, some people got it worse
Oh Yeah
Then we try to carry on, we try to carry on

Ohh Yeah
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Blessing Kennzy Lyrics – BLU

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Release Year: 2022