Black Widow – Poser

Black Widow Poser

Black Widow – Poser Lyrics

Artist: Black Widow
Song: Poser

Tell me, babe, just who you think you are
You seem to think that you’re the star
Now I wanna say it, I wanna say this
That you’re a misfit, you’re a no good chick

Better tell my woman, that’s where it’s at
You drive your spitfire like a real mean cat
I wanna know just what you’re looking for
Tell me now, baby, you’ve gotta take me some more

Now give it to me, oh babe
Your friends said “Boy, you have faith”
Your friends said “Maybe, maybe she’s possessed
To make the wicker cane once shе laid ’em to rest”

I’ll turn you around once, gеt a star
You look all right, babe, just, just get undressed
Oh take it off now, get ’em off, babe, take it off now
Shake my world, yeah and yours too, yeah

I wanna know, I wanna believe
I wanna believe all the things you say
But I don’t think you can have it your way
So take a Ouija board and fly away, fly away, fly away

Little girl, who you looking for?
You seem to think that you can’t flaunt
Everybody in your little own way
But you’re a poser, baby, that’s how you’ll stay, yeah

You’ve gotta stay there, just a poser
A real life poser in your car
Now I, I’ve gotta tell you this
I’ve got you, you’re my, my woman

But you’re a poser, you’re a poser
Oh you’re a poser, oh you’re a poser
Oh but you’re not, you’re not too bad
I like it, sometimes I like it

Oh well your friends said “Yeah”
I was kind of holding onto you now
On your car, I take it out on you
You’re a poser, baby, and you know you are

You’re taken, I can’t take it
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Black Widow Lyrics – Poser

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Release Year: 2019

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