Biv – Friendly Face

Biv Friendly Face

Biv – Friendly Face Lyrics

Artist: Biv
Song: Friendly Face

I been around for a minute now
I seen a lot I won’t admit at all
I haven’t been home in a minute woah
I see people I don’t know that wanna call me by my first name

f#ck ’em they don’t know me get the worst ay
I haven’t been home in a minute woah
I tell the bottle everything they don’t know bout what I been through
I got friends tryna leave me on this planet alone

Now where the f#ck ima go woah
I thought I was finished with it no panic attack
I been on my way out before what you know bout that
I feel like I shouldn’t have gave a hundred been dead woah

I’m still stuck inside the middle of thе same place
Same pacе, same face everyday
Wide awake woah
Handling my business, that’s the way I handle pain

Playing with the thoughts, they still playin with my name
Talkin with my downsides tell me which to blame woah woah
No ice glitter wrist, no froze
Still been on my sh#t, no show

How I watch them reap, what they sow
Don’t come around no, like you know
They been waiting on collapse
I can’t blame myself again, no relapse

No Relax, I’m detached, if they ask woah
I been silent, you just f#ck face
We ain’t blood just cause it’s last name
I ain’t comin home till it’s my payday woah
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Biv Lyrics – Friendly Face

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Release Year: 2022