BioBlut – Sunrise

BioBlut Sunrise

BioBlut – Sunrise Lyrics

Artist: BioBlut
Song: Sunrise

★ Verse ★
There is no hope
For things to change
So why should I keep going on

If things just stay the same
★ Chorus ★
And when the sunrise breaks through the night
The blinding sun killing the moonlight

I have to put on a new disguise
I cannot stay
Have to go away
Flee from the sunrise

★ Verse ★
So insignificant
Why am I here?
I feel so distant from the rest

I don’t know what’s real
★ Chorus ★
And when the sunrise breaks through the dark
Don’t know how long I can keep this up

Keep living through the life that I despise
I cannot stay
So, I go away
Flee from the sunrise

★ Bridge ★
Don’t think about their faces
Can’t think about their faces
Release me from the guilt of leaving them behind

★ Chorus ★
But when then sunrise breaks through my mind
Can’t stop thinking of what I’d leave behind
So, when the dawn breaks, I sit and wait

I have to stay
I can’t go away
Endure the sunrise
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BioBlut Lyrics – Sunrise

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Release Year: 2007