Big Sean – More Thoughts (2019)

Big Sean More Thoughts (2019)

Big Sean – More Thoughts (2019) Lyrics

Artist: Big Sean
Song: More Thoughts (2019)

Yeah, uh
Look, b#tch, please, don’t act like my friend, be my friend
My mama said, “Don’t act like a man, be a man
Quit going overboard,” I think it’s finally sinkin’ in

KeY Wane on the beat, you know that be my favorite BPM
Hol’ up, f#ck me over once, you never seein’ me again
f#ck me over twice and I’m the last thing you see
Never thought I’d be investin’ in restaurants with Hov

And see my movie theater downtown Detroit opening doors
Dawg, I seen n#gg#s get buried in suits that never wore suits
That sh#t can get deep as my Nigerian roots
And I need therapy too, someone that care for me too

Someone who there for me to the point
When they not there, it still feel like they there for me too
My zone is not a comfort zone, you can’t compare me to you
That’s mastermind advice (Advice)

Livin’ a life that’s overpriced
Lookin’ like I sold my soul, bought it back, then I sold it twice
No, just years in the makin’
Love makin’ is the only thing happenin’ overnight

Look, dawg, I been meditating on top of the mountain
So many lies spread about me, no point in respondin’
I realized that some stars live way above the comets
Million dollar deals on my iPhone, signature electronic

And my soul is solid (Solid)
And my heart bipolar (‘Polar)
And I done flown in my zone like drones over the housing
Cut from a special cloth, reap what I’m sowing

Only following my soldiers and the homies
Watching myself like b#tches talkin’ to me, tell ’em watch they tone
And this is my atonement
Couldn’t get this far without everybody help

When you number one that mean your back to everybody else
So I watch that sh#t
I rather pass the ball than to drop that sh#t
I seen egos sinking for the game, losing brick, look, he ain’t winning sh#t

Prize’s the last to thing to fall, advice is first of all
That’s why I stay listening, like I stay hydrated
Phone and aura both vibrating
Vibe contagious, not complacent, tryna pace it

But me and my ‘ponent are nonadjacent
And when you pay it forward, the rest of your life gon’ feel like compensation
Don (Don)
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Big Sean Lyrics – More Thoughts (2019)

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Release Year: 2012

More Thoughts (2019)