Ben L’Oncle Soul – Terrified

Ben L'Oncle Soul Terrified

Ben L’Oncle Soul – Terrified Lyrics

Artist: Ben L’Oncle Soul
Song: Terrified

Somebody told me that your love ain’t gonna die
But I was terrified
Somebody told me that we’ll never be divided
But I was terrified

God knows
My eyes were blinded by the force of your light And then I told you why
I’ve been in trouble years ago
I was giving always too much

I’ve never lost you
And still I feel the pain inside
Somebody told me there’s no love without trust
And I was terrified

Somebody told me that I’II never gеt lost
But I was petrified
And then hе told me, son, of all your dreams Some will be remembered
In bright light

So never put the fire out
But tame it right
Love’s a holy flame in my eyes
God knows
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Ben L’Oncle Soul Lyrics – Terrified

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Release Year: 2023