bax – to begin again

bax to begin again

bax – to begin again Lyrics

Artist: bax
Song: to begin again

You sit there in silence and can’t seem to smile
You know you’ve been feeling this pain for a while
And when looking for something or someone to blame
You suffer again and again with no name

You perceived inner depth and assumed it was yours
But belief in a self only closes off doors
The flow of the stream seeps deep into thinking
And traps us in cycles of clinging and sinking

Is it really so hard to notice the dream?
Is it really so hard to exit the stream?
To let go of the self and leave it behind?
To uproot thе illusions that make us unkind?

Nothing to know that can’t be known
Nothing to show that can’t be shown
Thе grass will be green and the wind will be blown
The light of the world is a love of its own

Trust in it all and the seeds will be sewn
There’s nothing to gain when you think you’re alone
In this chain of being
You can feel the weight of every thought

And after endless wandering
You can finally undo the knot
A hurricane of nothing
A consequence of all that came before

A timeless chain of suffering
A path to stop it from becoming more
The path is compassion and letting all go
And allowing pure love to continue to grow

Only then will you end beginning again
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bax Lyrics – to begin again

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Release Year: 2015