B҉AN$HɆɆ – Enemies End

B҉AN$HɆɆ Enemies End

B҉AN$HɆɆ – Enemies End Lyrics

Artist: B҉AN$HɆɆ
Song: Enemies End

Rappin on this beat with my whole fleet
Im like b#tch step up to me
See this sh#t see my shoes they on fleek
You don’t wanna know what happens in these sheets

Every monday you know i’m free
Every other day im smokin green
I’m just doin my thing rollin in the beam
Dont you see

All these hoes think i’m toxic polluting my body with these toxins
Make b#tches wet like a fawcett
Go on lick the cross in tell me how u lost it
I say u look pretty in that cross neck

Wanna keep this sh#t put it in a locket
So high just like a rocket i go to jupiter
Bc i dont like you in her
Make sure this boy understands that hes here to lеarn

Rock his sh#t at the same time thе party’s gettin lit
Hold up b#tch boy take my flick
Or ill f#ckin shoot you in yo sh#t with my blick
This b#tch like riddin a hich back

Im out here but not wrightin distracks
They just toxic and not talkin about pollution
This sh#t a whole #ss execution
My rhymes are my motive

Dont get no confusion you out here
And u losin the f#ck u doin
Take my name tryna get fame
Dont you understand this a prophecy

Its written on yo grave
Your rhymes are just lame little boy wanna play the big boy games
b#tch stay the f#ck outta my lane
My voice sound like its grain your voice sound like u afraid

But dont worry you just got saved harambe is hella gay
What u mean im trash you can’t even rap fast
Im the freestyle king u my jester
U look like ur name is lester

Play u like some checkers imma king u a pawn tf u doin dawg
U stuck in the fog
To short just like yo ma
Bugs bunny lookin #ss tryna run my sh#t

With his sh#tting raps im
Goin fast on the track
b#tch boy can not last
I see through you like some glass

Hold up im done w this kid
I think imma pass to the sh#t in my past
When my rymes were #ss
And i got laughed at

But u can say sh#t my rymes good and my words are slick
No wonder u can never get off my dick
Your a lonely little prick
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B҉AN$HɆɆ Lyrics – Enemies End

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Release Year: 2020