AYEAREFIFTEEN – She Might Be Lyrics

Song: She Might Be

★ intro ★
My mind it be twisting and turning
Walking to work while i’m tucking my shirt in (tuck it in)

She got all the qualities she look worth it
Is she worth it
Idk but she might be
Should i walk up to her it’s about timing

But what about also if she don’t even like me
★ chorus ★
Is she worth it, she might be
I think i’m taking a chance, yea

But i’m nervous don’t feel like a man, yea
On my service i need you again, yuh
Will i get this, no
On my hit list, yea

If i try once
Then she might be the one
★ verse 1 ★
I saw you looking so good, when i’m talking keep that understood

She say she emotional cause she a pieces
Is shе a deal breaker i don’t know shе might be
Me ex girl brought her cousin over tryna fight me
Cause she told him that “that man wouldn’t pipe me”

Is she crazy i don’t know but she might be
Like get out your head and approach her, ah
I’m tryna stall, then i end up looking at a wall
Should i go for the steal kinda like i’m chris paul

If you don’t have a motive don’t do it at all
Now i’m taking deep breaths cause i’m tryna feel strong
Lemme pull out some money so she know it’s long
But this not a loan, so leave me alone

Cause she might be the one whose getting the most
I’m still facing toward the wall to the fullest
Then i noticed what i’m doing i’m looking foolish
Then i turn around and she not there now i’m clueless

What am i doing?, why would i do this?
★ verse 2 ★
Sometimes you gotta leave your comfort zone
And sometimes then you just gotta leave em lone

Now they don’t listen and then they wonder where the lights be
Do i think she’s a runner?
I don’t know she might be
How could i be so stupid

Thinking i should’ve listened when they said do it
Now i’m getting my chance up to focus
Open yo eyes kinda hoping you notice
Looking around tryna hope you ain’t go in

I know she might be
She might be a phony
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AYEAREFIFTEEN Lyrics – She Might Be

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Release Year: 2023