Awsker Saiyel – It’s Not Enough

Awsker Saiyel It’s Not Enough

Awsker Saiyel – It’s Not Enough Lyrics

Artist: Awsker Saiyel
Song: It’s Not Enough

Fast beating when griping the one I want
Her eyes are singing just like the sun, yeah
I don’t really want to know

If she’s the one or just someone i’ll know
If it starts fading we’ll never swallow words
Baby i wanted you to smile more
But in the end its no ones place

Pleasures can’t be fake chased baby
Summer steam but you’re my cold breeze baby
It’s not enough to fall in love
No, no its never enough

Lets start a rose field baby
We get the water from Verragio baby
Its not enough to fall in love
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Awsker Saiyel Lyrics – It’s Not Enough

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From the album:
It’s Not Enough
Release Year: 2021