Atombender – Carpet Hearts

Atombender Carpet Hearts

Atombender – Carpet Hearts Lyrics

Artist: Atombender
Song: Carpet Hearts

This year went by so fast, another holiday
But I was kind of hoping somehow in some way
That last time would be the last time
And this time you would stay

But once again I’m grounded here
While you flew away
I feel a numbness in my legs
I feel my heart skip every day

And I forgot how to believe that this was happening to me
Flying from another state
You said “Ccome find me if I wait”
And I think I found the place that you were waiting

Everybody looks like you from far away
And in everything I do I’m reminded of the day
We closеd our eyes
At the samе time for the first time

We realized we’ll go a long, long way
Seasons change and I was frozen
The leaves changed and I was buried
Underneath the tree

I’ll stay buried, I’ll stay asleep
For a little while longer I can wait
‘Til you wake me
You are crossing borders

And my compass is broken
Still I know I will find you
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Atombender Lyrics – Carpet Hearts

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Release Year: 2012