Ashton mallory – SHINE

Ashton mallory SHINE

Ashton mallory – SHINE Lyrics

Artist: Ashton mallory

★ hook: ★
It’s time to shine
Give em’ what you got
Baby time to show them all you are

Its time to shine
Got to give ’em what you got
Got to show ’em all you are
★ verse 1: ★

I know they highly doubt me
And try to undermine
What they would do without me
I really wonder

I’m living my life with purpose
Purposely ima rhyme
Until I break the surface
I’m certainty tryna climb

Trials and tribulations
Get harder as I go
Trials I’m still awaiting
To watch my daughter grow

Spending money like water
Watching this water flow
I seen some water dry up and I seen the water slow
I need a wad of dough

I need a lotta cash
I know I gotta blow cuz
I done seen too many crash
But I been running a marathon & thеy running fast

Getting a head start
But that sh#t doesn’t last
I’m ovеrlapping people I remember running pass
And I remember dropping outta school when I was running class

I wasn’t missing nothing
They wasn’t missing spazz
They was too busy faking, fronting and kissing #ss
★ hook: ★

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Ashton mallory Lyrics – SHINE

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Release Year: 2023