Ashley Whitaker – Gunned Down

Ashley Whitaker Gunned Down

Ashley Whitaker – Gunned Down Lyrics

Artist: Ashley Whitaker
Song: Gunned Down

Say rip, to the ones we love
Candle lit up block now
Swimming with the sharks
But mof#cka’ i will not drown

It’s demon baby when i’m off them lil drugs now
It’s personal as f#ck now
Pull up, blrt gunned down (ahh)
Bruh pull up and get shot up (shot up)

Brodie it’s your fault it popped off (that sh#t done popped off)
Bruh i’ll take out your line up (blrt)
Don’t think you really want nun
Off the p’s, bruh i’m missing who?

(steady til’ you duck down)
Pull up and get steady if i aim, i shoot
(pull up for them drugs now)
Leave ’em twirling ballerina sh#t

Bruh i’m on that tweakin’ sh#t
Since i lost my cousin
I don’t care if a brotha’ breathing b#tch
Add flames to the fire

Too much pain piled up
My impact ain’t minor
I can’t stand mе either
(hook 2: ashley whitakеr)

Rip to the one i love
Can’t believe you gone now
Now i’m mixing xanny with any f#cking lil drug now
Sick to my stomach

Hard to process all that went down
Damn, i don’t give a flying f#ck now
f#ck the love now
Pull them guns out

Forget all the talking, i wanna air it out
Won’t stop til’ i them chanting “man down”
Ain’t content bruh with what i did
Damn i love the reckless sh#t (ahh)

20 on my block
So i put 20 on his brother head
Devil in my consciousness (ahh)
Say “leave the brodie dead” (ahh)

Evil in my veins but i never ask for any of it
They’ll say that, that ain’t me
“ain’t nothing good gon’ come from fiends”
Believe all the thangs you heard

But you cannot judge me
Rip to the ones we love
All my brothers gone now
Since i lost my cousin

Ion care how it f#cking go down
If you wil’ out?
Then bruh let’s bring the bruhs out
Damn, this really we end now (ah)
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Ashley Whitaker Lyrics – Gunned Down

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