Alec Wombacher – Refuge

Alec Wombacher Refuge

Alec Wombacher – Refuge Lyrics

Artist: Alec Wombacher
Song: Refuge

Yo I’m on this internship for nine months and I’ll say
I want to evangelise these teens every event day
I know it will be hard, but God’s working on my heart
He’ll Help Me Bring Kids To Christ

It’s not too late to start
Going into schools and churches
Telling the story of Todd
But really of how Keith came to christ

I’m telling you it isn’t odd
The interns get to talk to students
Showing them they’re living wrong
And then we’re giving them a bible

And maybe giving them this song
I don’t wanna talk about thе way I used to Live
But really I was livin in a wholе lotta sin
And god pulled me out of the troubles I was in

And said you can’t be living like you were then
You have to follow me alone
So that you are not that prone
To do these evil sins no more

You should open your hearts door
I you really want eternal life
You’ve gotta love my son who’s Jesus Christ
And you’ve gotta read the Bible every day

And also you have got to pray
For the lord to change your heart
For him to make a brand new start
I don’t know why you don’t need Jesus

But were too far apart
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Alec Wombacher Lyrics – Refuge

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Release Year: 2021